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NeHe Tutorials - set of cross-platform tutorials
Excellent OpenGL FAQ
Utah-GLX - A crossplatform hardware accelerated implementation of the GLX protocol
Tubing and Extrusion Toolset
Rotating Objects Using Quaternions
Using Sam Leffler's libtiff with OpenGL and GLUT - page showing how to link tiff file functionality to OpenGL
Links to OpenGL extensions
Official OpenGL extensions page @ SGI
OpenGL Performance Optimization
Why teapot?
Comp Graphics Glossary
Moonlight 3D

OpenGL Programming Guide on-line or here
OpenGL Reference Manual on-line or here
OpenGL Superbible


cover OpenGL Programming Guide, 3rd edition (
cover OpenGL Reference Manual, 3rd edition (
cover OpenGL Superbible, 2nd edition (
cover OpenGL Programming for the X Window System (
cover Open Geometry: Opengl + Advanced Geometry (


gltt-2.5.tar.gz - library that allows you to read and draw TrueType fonts in any OpenGL application.
Moonlight3D - ELF executable
Moonlight3D Tutorial #1 - That's the one! (on-line)
Moonlight3D Tutorial #2 - That's another one! (on-line)
Moonlight3D Tutorial #3 - That's yet another! (on-line)
Moonlight3D Tutorial #4 - That's the last one! (on-line)

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