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"Any sufficiently reliable magic is indistinguishable from technology".
Paraphrase of Arthur Clarke
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Clarke's Third Law (original)
  • I'm finally tired of having to maintain two sites so I'm going to be ditching RackNine for Dreamhost, which is a hosting provider for my site. They give PLENTY of space and excellent service.
  • Planning to completely re-do the site using some CMS. Probably ezPublish.
  • Will also put up Google ads on the off-chance that someone will click it. :)
  • Replaced Perl image indexers with PHP ones for better portability. Not all hosting services support SSI Exec.
  • Added links to all galleries available.
  • Finally upgraded the server. This site is now running on Celeron 950 box. It's Shuttle SV25 box. Very small and fast, expecially compared to the junker I was running before. I'm not afraid anymore that this server will go down if two people are watching photo galleries. :)
  • Also this new box is running FreeBSD 5.0
  • Installed bigger hard drive (10G), so I'm going to put more pictures as I scan them.
  • Bought a new monitor. This one is worth announcing - Dell 2000XP. It's awesome!
  • Created autoindexer for photos.
  • Added photos from Czech trip. here
  • Put SSI enabled index as site front.
  • Updated resume.
  • Decided on current color scheme.
  • Finally got to making index using SSI.
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