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"Any sufficiently reliable magic is indistinguishable from technology".
Paraphrase of Arthur Clarke
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Clarke's Third Law (original)
Stanislav Liberman
To find a challenging position in software development, that would best utilize my skills and experience, and provide the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies.

Technical Skills:
Operating Systems: Solaris (i86), RedHat Linux, SCO OpenServer, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, MS DOS/Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Programming Languages: C/C++, Perl, CLIPS, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Shell Script, Pascal, Delphi, Objective-C, Java, C#
Programming tools and libraries: Pthreads, TCP/IP (BSD sockets), STL, Sybase DBLib/CTLib, UNIX shell and utilities (including GNU software), Cocoa, .NET, WSE, CSS, XML

Professional Experience:
1/2005 - present
Rules Engine Developer (Consultant)
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc., Chicago, IL.
  • Architected and designed the next generation framework for QA tools. Framework utilized Tibco Rendezvous messaging bus for communication between components, which included the front-end interface and the expert system.
  • Architected, designed, and developed an application for integrating an in-house developed web front-end (Functional Automation Tool - FAT) with the Rules Engine. The application was developed in C++ on Linux Red Hat platform. Communication with FAT was done over TIB/RV bus. Additional software was developed to enable use of the same CLIPS code for tests running through FAT and Compuware Test Partner.
  • Redesigned existing rule engine software for QA Automation, written in CLIPS (rules based expert system), by introducing re-factoring, code optimization, and use of advanced features of the language, like modules and object-oriented dialect of CLIPS. Reduced code amount by 70%, while introducing new features for validation of FIX and NSC messages.
  • Created reusable code library for CLIPS to be used by the whole team.
  • Implemented an options trade matching engine (Falcon) simulator in CLIPS. Simulator correctly performed allocation, order matching, summary/leg fills, and algorithm prioritization. It also produced a detailed textual description of the applied algorithms to allow users understand and verify the trading engine logic.
  • Participated in modeling and design of a futures matching engine (Eagle) implied algorithm to simplify implementation and enhance understanding of the implied trade concept.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained validating parsers for messages between trading engines and clients in NSC and FIX formats. Created framework for implementation of parsers for similarly formatted messages.
  • Used Rational ClearCase for source version control.
11/1998 - 12/2004
Applications Developer
Vail Systems, Inc., Deerfield, IL.
  • Created interface classes using C#.NET for VoiceXML applications to access customer's Web Services. This interface provided error handling and server authentication. Authentication mechanisms included HTTP digest and WSE certificate-based client authentication.
  • Created a set of utility classes in C# to be used as a framework for logging, configuration, and reporting by VoiceXML applications.
  • Led porting existing platform libraries and application from SCO UNIX using Dialogic SC cards to Linux using newer generation JCT boards. This project involved a lot of debugging, testing, and rewriting some features to the new platform.
  • Developed and maintained an automated, multithreaded dialing application in C++. The application used an in-house developed SIP stack to send several hundred simultaneous calls per speech server. It also extensively used Sybase DBlib programming interface to interact with Sybase Enterprise SQL Server. An internal telnet server was also developed for this application by using standard TCP/IP libraries, to allow remote configuration and monitoring.
  • Designed and developed a generic, extensible logging library in C++, which allows for creation of custom logging facilities, and can be configured through configuration file or in run-time.
  • Ported in-house developed API for writing IVR applications from C to C++. Converted synchronous API calls to asynchronous, event driven architecture in a multithreaded environment.
  • Designed and developed applications using C for Dialogic telephony equipment using in-house developed API. These applications extensively use Nuance natural speech recognition, and text-to-speech (engines used include Dialogic Centigram and Lernout & Hauspie Realspeak), and interact with database (Sybase Enterprise SQL Server).
  • Developed Internet frontends for reporting and managing these applications and for associated databases.
  • Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the call servers' platform software and hardware, which includes a variety of Dialogic telephony boards. Installed, configured, and maintained Dialogic drivers for this equipment.
  • Created a number of automated maintenance and monitoring scripts in Perl.
11/1997 - 06/1998
Systems Administrator.
Cables and Wires, Moscow, Russia.
  • Responsible for hardware (PC, Printers, Scanners, Networking) and software (Windows 95, MS Office, Adobe PageMaker, Micrographics Picture Publisher, Netscape Communicator) support.
  • Basic network maintenance.
8/1997 - 11/1997
Database Developer.
Cables and Wires, Moscow, Russia.
  • Developed Customers database using Delphi 2.0.
  • Created form-based GUI for access, input and querying data, and custom reports using SQL.
9/1996 - 5/1998
MAI Computer Science Research Lab,
Moscow, Russia.
  • Developed a number of low-level graphic functions using C, such as "Line", "Crop", direct video memory access.
  • Implemented basic interprocess communication model and parallel computations process on SMP transputer boards, manufactured by Texas Instruments.

1/2001 - 6/2003 - BS in Computer Science. DePaul University, Chicago. CTI School.
9/1999 - 5/2000 - Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL.
9/1995 - 6/1998 - Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Automated Systems faculty, Computer Science Department, Moscow, Russia

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